Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I like snow, which make the world look silver and purity. It washes off all the dusts in the world. I took photograph of the beautiful scene.

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Dennis said...

Ni hao, Fei!

Your blog is beautiful! It also brings back special memories to me because I have been in Beijing twice (in 2001 and in 1982). I enjoyed both trips very much even though I wasn't there for very long either time.

Good luck in your classes. I think your strategy of recording lectures and then listening to them again and again is an excellent idea, but I also think it probably takes a LOT of time! Don't forget to rest and to enjoy life! Study is important, but to be a "field full of fragrant flowers," you need to have a balance!

I think you will enjoy your time with Mrs. Liakos. I haven't met her face to face, but we have been in online workshops together and I respect her very much.

Very best wishes!

(an ESL teacher in Phoenix, Arizona)