Monday, February 26, 2007

I had the first midterm exam of biochemistry this Friday, and it is also my first exam in university of Maryland. It drove my mad to prepare the exam during the week. A lot of things are needed to be remembered and understood, and I always stayed up after midnight.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I made a oral presentation yesterday about a video of Jane Goodall: A life in the wild. Dr. Goodall had been to China several times. When she came to China on 2000, she delivered a speech at Peking University. Some friends and I listened to her to describe the her life and study with chimpanzees in the wild. The most interesting is her description of a chimpanzee family—“F family”, every member’ name initialized with F. It consist of 5 female chimps: grandmother, mother, daughter, and granddaughter. Their daily life is so similar to ours.
There is a similar research in China about panda. Professor Pan with his students observe the panda population in the wild, and hope to find out a way to keep the panda population, since pandas almost extinct. His remarkable discovery challenges our commonsense that we always think low rate of successful reproduction of pandas is the main reason that results in their almost extinction. In fact, the loss of food and habitant are the key point. He also disagreed a research on cloning panda .

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I like snow, which make the world look silver and purity. It washes off all the dusts in the world. I took photograph of the beautiful scene.
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Friday, February 9, 2007

the first week

It is a busy week. I must get up early every Monday, Wednesday and Friday since I have a biochemistry class on 8:00. Sometimes the shuttle is not on time, so I have to walk to school, which takes me about 20 min. In the biochemistry class, I study process of photosyntheis, even I had studied the topic in China, I still didn’t catch up the professor’s meaning exactly. What I do is to record the lecture and listen to it after class over and over again. In the English class, I feel better. We study together about grammar, including the use of noun, pronoun and noun clause, and the writing strategy which are both useful for me. After class, I read the novel, and I think it is more interesting than biochemistry textbook which I also I have to read. I feel a little tired at the end of the week, however, I also think it is a good start.