Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The First Long Travel

It is first time that I traveled so long without my family , so my parents and relatives gave me a lot of advice on the travel. before I left China. They urged me to keep awake in the plane, keep my luggage in my vision, and not to talk to strangers. I wanted to follow their advice, but it was difficult, because it was a long travel, and it took me almost 15 hours from Beijing to Chicago. So I suffered myself from tiredness but keep my eyes open in the first several hours, but I fell in sleeping at last because all the people around me were in the dreamworld. After I waked up, the passenger sitting next to me began talk to me, and we knew each other, and keep connection until now. He gave a lot of help when I transferred the plane from Chicago to Washington D. C. He helped me fill out some paperwork, transfer my luggage to anther plane, and take me to the waiting hall where my flight took off. Without his assistant, I might miss my flight. So I think their experiences are useful, but the time changed, and everything changed. Therefore, what I will do if I meet the similar situation? I think I listen and pay attention to your advice, but not just do what they told us to do, and I make the correct decision according to the actual situation.


Jennifer Ho said...

I think you are a smart girl that you can figure the problem out in any situation. You are so great that travel so far by yourself. Most people will help us when we in need, you are so luck that met the good person.

Dennis said...

I agree with Jennifer, Fei. It was a major accomplishment to travel so far all by yourself! Congratulations!

I also agree with Jennifer that most people will help us when we are in need, and I'm glad you found such a helpful assistant.

I enjoyed the two photos on the right-hand side of your blog. They reminded me of trips to China in 1982 and 2001 (Beijing and Tianjin in 1982, Beijing only in 2001). I'm sure there have been even bigger changes recently.

I climbed on the Great Wall in 1982, but it was too cold for that in 2001. I visited the Forbidden City in both 1982 and 2001.

Those photos brought back very good memories!

Best wishes!

Dennis in Phoenix